Tanya Coyle

Lead, Digital Culture and Change // Government of Ontario

Tanya is part of Ontario’s digital transformation team, leading engagement, creative strategy and culture change. Together, they help make government simpler, faster, and better by designing information and services around user needs.  Before co-founding Ontario’s Digital Government initiative, Tanya was Assistant Director of Ontario.ca, setting new standards for the words, technology, and experience across the government’s flagship website.  She is driven to help people truly understand government through good service design, simple words, and open standards. For 10+ years, Tanya has worked to unpack complex policies and programs for citizens through her work as a speechwriter, communications strategist, change architect, clear writing evangelist, and Managing Editor of the Ontario Government’s first online newsroom. Tanya studied crime and politics at the University of Toronto, and public relations at Humber College.  She is a current affairs junkie, public service nerd, music fan, and grateful Mom of two.